Kindle release of Pepe Marais’ book Growing Greatness

While Pepe Marais’ book, Growing Greatness, contains many lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs, perhaps what is more important is the deep wisdom it offers. Through his growing awareness of what purpose means in both business and personal terms, Pepe points the way to growing your own greatness.

The print edition will be available on shelves later this month, and the Kindle edition is now available for download, click HERE.

Pepe Marais' book Growing Greatness

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    e.Book release of In Math We Trust by Simon Dingle

    Next week we release the print edition of Simon Dingle’s book In Math We Trust – Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Journey to Being Your Own Bank.

    This week we released the and it has gone straight to Number 1 in its categories on Amazon. Click HERE to purchase the on Kindle.




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      An event with Feyi Olubodun, author of The Villager

      If you are in brand management, marketing, sales, advertising, PR, responsible for business strategy & expansion, then this is a MUST-ATTEND event. Feyi Olubodun, the CEO of Insights Publicis in Nigeria, will be sharing his insights from his book, The Villager, on how Africans consume brands.


      The cost is R250 and this includes a copy of the book The Villager.

      Click HERE to read more about the event, and HERE to book your ticket.



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        The Villager – How Africans Consume Brands

        Releasing in February is Feyi Olubodun’s book The Villager – How Africans Consume Brands.


        If you wish to engage successfully in a market you may not understand, you must have the right ‘lenses’ to view a people. Feyi believes the secret lies in applying these lenses at the confluence of commerce, culture and consumer.

        The Villager is essential reading for brand owners wishing to conquer new markets.

        There has never been a better time to build an understanding that – at heart – we are all still Villagers, wherever it is that we now call home. When you come to apply the wise words in this book directly to your brand-building approach, you will discover a unique insight into global audiences, and not just African ones. The author suggests that this book is all about the character of the African consumer. I’d beg to disagree. This book is about very much more than that. – Peter Stephenson-Wright, Affiliate Professor, Director of Executive Education, ESCP Europe Business School, London Campus

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          Book Launch – Mike Sharman’s The Best Dick

          You don’t want to miss out on the launch of this incredible book, The Best Dick, written by the super-talented Mike Sharman.  Click HERE to book your ticket.


          Mike invites you to share in the hustle. From the enthusiastic, entrepreneurial beginnings of a bootstrapped startup founder – a relatively inexperienced 26 year old – to a seasoned, professional, storyteller, who has built a boutique social media advertising agency that has made more brands go viral, globally, than any other studio in Africa.

          Mike entwines business insights and universal premises of first hires, cash flow challenges, brand building, networking and pitches, with his humorous, storyselling approach to deliver a page-turner complete with armed robberies, fancy-dress competitions and partnering with some of the planet’s most coveted brands.

          The Best Dick is the catalyst to encourage your emancipation from the payroll hamster wheel, in order to just start your own business. And, for the existing entrepreneur to find solace in the fact that founding your own company is the best, damn decision you ever made.


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