Gareth Patterson’s Autobiography MY LION’S HEART

Gareth Patterson’s autobiography My Lion’s Heart will be published in Africa by Tracey McDonald Publishers.

Patterson is undoubtedly one of the world’s best known lion men, and his story is a most moving account – beguiling, inspirational and emotive. Whilst Patterson has written many books already, My Lion’s Heart covers new ground and is a highly personal look back at his forty years of his life amongst the lions and his fight to save them from extinction. 

Patterson says: “My Lion’s Heart is my tenth book, and is probably the most important book I have written. It tells my life story, a story of tears and smiles, about my attempts to greater protect the iconic animal symbol of this continent, the African lion. I am absolutely delighted that Tracey McDonald Publishers will be publishing My Lion’s Heart.”

Sonia Land from Sheil Land Associates brokered the deal. Land says: “I’m absolutely delighted that Gareth is ‘reunited’ with the editor in Tracey McDonald Publishers that he has worked with in the past, for this most personal and intimate autobiography. He is a truly remarkable man who unwaveringly devotes his life, amidst threats to his own, to saving the endangered wildlife. His story brings both tears of anguish and joy as it speaks not only for himself but also for those animals he so loves. When reading the story of his life, you will feel that there is something very magical in their relationship!”

Patterson’s other books include Cry for the Lions (1989), Where the Lion Walked (1991), The Lions’ Legacy (1991), Last of the Free (1994), With My Soul Amongst Lions (1995), Dying to be Free (1998), Making a Killing (2000), To Walk with Lions (2001) and The Secret Elephants (2010). For more information about Gareth Patterson visit his website –

My Lion’s Heart is scheduled for publication in October 2014.

© Photograph: Louise Gubb


Book Review of His Call, My All – The LowVelder

A wonderful review by Retha Nel of Hennie Keyter’s book His Call, My All in The LowVelder:

“Once you pick it up, it will be very hard to put down until you’ve read every last word. Hennie Keyter’s His Call, My All is one of those rare books that sucks you in from the first word. 

For any Christian, South African or person interested in the life of a missionary, this book is truly exceptional. Written from Hennie’s perspective and following his missionary work in Africa, it gives you a glimpse into Africa’s hunger for the gospel and the amazing effect God’s word has on people. 

The book details Hennie’s life, with each chapter marked by the place and date the events that follow took place. Relevant extracts from the Bible intertwine with the text, underscoring the actions of the people in the book or adding an interesting perspective on that particular verse or verses.”

Click HERE to read the full review.


Mike Hardwich Lowry on CARTE BLANCHE

For those who missed Carte Blanche last night and didn’t see The Killing Fields segment, where our author Mike Hardwich Lowry spoke about harmful agricultural chemicals, click HERE to view the piece on Carte Blanche’s website. Look out for Mike’s new book (The Green Desert), releasing later this year, on this very topic.

Mike is also the author of the fabulous veterinary memoirs The Lion and the Lamb and The Rhino and the Rat.  And later this year, his next veterinary book (The Tiger and the Tortoise) will also be released.


Hennie Keyter’s Book Launch – HIS CALL, MY ALL

On Sunday evening, the 23rd of February, Hennie Keyter will be sharing his story with us, looking back at his life in the service of the Lord and looking forward to the continuing mission God has for him and for us all.

Hennie would love to see you there – please join him at the Cornerstone Church in Bedfordview (18h00) if you are free.

Click HERE to go through to Cornerstone Church’s website for more information.

Copies of Hennie’s book His Call, My All will be on sale.