Kingsmead Book Fair – OUR AUTHORS

KM_BookFair_Logos_RGBIn 2011, a group of Kingsmead College parents hosted a small Book Fair for the school community at which eight top South African authors spoke.  The response from the parents, teachers and girls was so overwhelming that the parent body felt encouraged to grow the Fair and make it a public event for all to enjoy.

Now in its fourth year, the Kingsmead Book Fair is proud to have become a significant event on South Africa’s literary calendar. The sessions take the form of one-on-one conversations, discussions between two or three writers and a facilitator, and occasional talks.  There’s plenty of comparing, sharing, discussing and debating on the day.

Go along to meet our authors:

GG ALCOCK, author of Third World Child - the session is OUR MOSAIC NATION,  Koch Wing, 12h30 to 13h15

GIL OVED and POLO LETEKA, writers of And For All These Reasons … I’M IN – the session is RISKY BUSINESS, Learning Centre, 16h15 to 17h00

MARCO BROCCARDO, author of Rocks: One Man’s Climb from Drugs to Dream – the session is GETTING FIXED, Koch Wing, 16h15 to 17h00 

Click HERE to view the full day’s programme on the Kingsmead website.


Jen Su’s book From Z to A-Lister

We are delighted to announce that Jen Su has signed up with Tracey McDonald Publishers to publish her book From Z to A-Lister – How To Get Ahead in the Social Scene, releasing this November.

Tracey McDonald (L) and Jen Su (R) - Contract Signing Day
Tracey McDonald (L) and Jen Su (R) – Contract Signing Day

Click HERE to read more about Jen’s book.