Words on Paper – Jeff Fisher

words-on-paper-jeff-fisherIf you like true stories about real people, are intrigued by serendipity, curious about curiosities, or maybe you are a collector yourself, then this book, Words on Paper, is for you.

The collecting and researching of any collectable is an intense and pleasurable pastime. Jeff Fisher‘s passion for more than half a century has been for collecting handwritten, original letters, antique documents, manuscripts, old share certificates, fire insurance policies, photographs and maps.

The writers of these words on paper include kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers, admirals and generals, actors and authors, judges and prisoners, philosophers, statesmen, explorers, scientists, and sportsmen. Some were famous, some infamous, some important, others less so. Many you will know much about already – names that resonate through history like Eisenhower, Wellington, Napoleon, Kennedy, Mandela, Shackleton, Scott. In the case of others, perhaps their names might be familiar but the stories and personal anecdotes that are told in these pages are almost certainly less well known but all the more fascinating for it. And the links a collector is able to make in discovering connections, tracking down information, teasing out clues and pulling seemingly obscure threads together make this an engaging journey for readers.

The chapters need not be read in any set order, although there is an underlying thread linking them to the life of the author that enabled his eclectic collection to evolve in the way it did. The book is also an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to dip a toe into the world of collecting and the value and pleasure – measurable in both commercial terms and for the sheer enjoyment of the hunt – it can offer.


  • TITLE: Words on Paper
  • SUB-TITLE: Reflections of an Incurable Collector
  • AUTHOR: Jeff Fisher
  • PHYSICAL BOOK ISBN / EAN: 978-0-620-70949-1
  • PAGES: 384
  • FORMAT: Hard Cover, with dustjacket and ribbon marker
  • DIMENSIONS: 255mm deep x 210mm wide
  • PUBLISH DATE: September 2017



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