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DONALD MOKGALE, co-author of Introducing Hibirism, is a seasoned media and marketing expert, with over 18 years in the media and advertising industry and has been at the helm of global agencies like Carat Johannesburg, Posterscope SSA and Group Business Director at Dentsu. Together with Ernest Nkomotje, he co-authored Introducing Hibirism, birthing this movement and cultural insights business.

Currently, Donald leads Avatar Media Agency as Managing Director, and is growing its credentials in the marketplace. The fusion of his life experience with strategic marketing frameworks births a transformative approach, one that fosters relatability and realism in communication to mass audiences. It is this very alchemical fusion that birthed the philosophy encapsulated in the book, Introducing Hibirism, a guiding compass for businesses seeking resonance with audiences while peddling their products.

His footprints have graced multiple territories, as he has lived and led businesses across several African markets. As the steward of Posterscope SSA and CEO of Out There Media Africa, Donald’s narrative encompasses a rich tapestry of cross-cultural experience, a testament to his Hibiristic wanderlust.

Donald serves as Director of Business Strategy, Design and Branding for the Hibirism Group where he applies his expertise to drive growth for the business.

Beyond his role at Hibirism Group, Donald is a car enthusiast, professional poet and MC. He spends his time exploring new restaurants, travelling to different countries sampling cuisines and chasing the perfect sunset.