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ERNEST NKOMOTJE, co-author of Introducing Hibirism, is a true creative powerhouse, and transcends boundaries with his brilliance, guided by the Hibiristic spirit. Navigating academia, entrepreneurship, and the corporate landscape, he leaves transformative ripples in his wake.

Starting his journey at the global research firm Krutham, Ernest showcased his prowess in digital, research, and strategy. This experience set the stage for his entrepreneurial endeavours, where he fearlessly explored the Ed-HR tech space. Through research and insights, he played a pivotal role in commercialising prominent propositions in Africa.

Currently contributing invaluable expertise in business development as a research specialist at a leading big 5 law firm, Ernest incubates and amplifies commercial ventures, ensuring an unparalleled competitive edge.

Beyond his commercial accomplishments, Ernest’s academic journey reflects a polymath of profound thought. Holding a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and a BA Hons in Philosophy in African philosophy, he continuously refines his intellectual prowess with an MA in Philosophy. This unwavering pursuit of enlightenment is fuelled by the Hibiristic ethos.

Ernest serves as Director of Research, Strategy & Insights at Hibirism Group where he ensures that its various business verticals and offerings thrive through his transformative vision and expertise. Together with Donald Mokgale, he co-authored Introducing Hibirism, birthing this movement and cultural insights business.

Beyond his role at Hibirism Group and his other ventures, Ernest thrives as a connoisseur. A maestro of the arts and a self-proclaimed sommelier of fine wines, he embodies the Afro-Renaissance spirit – a harmonious blend of culture, refinement, and unbridled passion.