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Gavin Moffat, the author of Swimming with Sharks, is a speaker, writer, common-sense evangelist and an accidental specialist in the field of marketing and communication strategy. As the co-founder and pothole spotter of join.the.dots, he teaches game-changing techniques for busting through “it’s complicated”, cultivating clear thinking, and boosting common sense.

He leads workshops and trainings that bring clarity to individuals, teams and workplaces. His focus is on creating real-world results in which teams cut through the clutter and meaningful productivity skyrockets.

Gavin talks with passion and energy on a wide range of topics including strategic marketing and communication, media training, crisis communication, business strategy and change, integrity and brand authenticity and the parallels between technical diving and the parry and thrust of the world of business.

He is a TEDx speaker (2013) and panel-participant (2016), an avid SCUBA diver, not-so-active technical diver, lapsed microlight pilot, composer of electronic music, and father of three.