I Don’t Want to Die Unknown by Dan Moyane

Dan Moyane was 10 years old when he lay on his back on a patch of grass at his parents’ home in White City Jabavu, Soweto, looking at the moon and thinking, ‘I don’t want to die unknown.’ The year was 1969, and Neil Armstrong and his team had recently achieved immortality by completing the first moon landing.

It was the knowledge that the astronauts would be remembered as long as the world turned that made Dan realise that he, too, would like to be remembered by people outside of his immediate community; just as he would like to find out more about what lay beyond his horizon.

Dan’s insatiable curiosity and love of learning have ensured that his name has, indeed, become known throughout South Africa. This is the story of how he achieved his goal – from his days as a student at the apex of South Africa’s political turmoil, to his years in exile in Mozambique and his first job in media, and the trajectory of a career that would see him become one of South Africa’s most highly regarded and influential broadcasters. It is a career that led Dan to interview prominent leaders in Mozambique and South Africa and become acquainted with the likes of Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel, and saw him cover the country’s birth into democracy, and help shape South Africans’ understanding of the changed world around them.

I Don’t Want to Die Unknown delves into these experiences, giving a glimpse into the inquisitiveness and desire to know more, do more and be more that has driven Dan Moyane. It offers a rare insight into the man behind the microphone – his ambitions, trials, and motivations.

Part memoir, part legacy, this book bears testimony to the fact that far from dying unknown, Dan is one of South Africa’s most important, high profile media players and his story provides the framework for his next significant question: How best to use his public profile to benefit his countrymen.

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