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At 30 years of age, Ryan Stramrood, the author of Push Past Impossible, was very much the average Joe South African. A dad, a partner and a small business owner. Yet today, in his 40s, he is revered as one of the top extreme endurance and ice water swimmers in the world.

With three Guinness World Records to his name, he has embarked on a fascinating journey from the comfort of his own couch to the world’s toughest and most deadly swimming challenges undertaken in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

Through his frequent exposure to, and survival of, deadly ice water situations, Ryan has slowly unlocked a unique understanding of the mind. Not just an understanding of how powerful it is, but rather an eye-opening account to some of the great mental paradoxes we all deal with subconsciously, and which ultimately dictate the direction of our lives.