Brandalism by Mike Sharman

Meet Mike Sharman: Advertising visionary helping to spark a revolution. – Alec Hogg,

When it comes to brands getting recognised, I don’t think there’s anyone better than Mike Sharman. – Kieno Kammies, CapeTalk 567AM

Viral Scientist. –

Mike Sharman delivers the well needed wake-up call that your brand needs (and your customers deserve). – Richard Mulholland

In B R A N D A L I S M, the follow-up to his bestselling, award-winning debut book The Best Dick, Mike Sharman delves into the (start)ups and downs associated with brand building and the need for business to dismantle, and vandalise its perceived, public-facing, persona.

The future of PR and influence, when – or if – to launch a new business as opposed to a division, raising capital, the impact of presentations, startup school fees, and emphasis on a manifesto rather than purpose, are the aspects Mike obsesses over in this insightful read, wrapped in his trademark, comedic, copy.

Mike Sharman, the co-founder of the creative, digital agency Retroviral that has made more brands ‘go viral’, globally, than any other agency in Africa, uses his unique storytelling proposition to provide insight into 12 years of building a business from scratch, while elevating his clients to emotional, (commercial) cult status.

Life is short. Play naked!

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