Train Naked by Pierre du Plessis

The ancient Greeks trained in the nude in the gymnasium and also competed in the buff in the Olympic Games – they literally had skin in the game. The ancient Greek word for gymnasium – gumnasia – means to train naked. However, the ancient Greek gyms were not just for physical training but also had dedicated spaces for intellectual exercise, for philosophy, teaching and conversation.

To train naked is to show up just as you are – no pretences, no masks, no BS. We train to compete, we practise in order to nail a presentation. We should also be training to become better human beings, to craft meaningful lives, do work that matters, and to thrive in chaos. Pierre du Plessis’s daily reflections, meditations and practices presented in this book are a call to train naked, to practise for the ultimate marathon, and to have skin in the game.

Train Naked is a curated selection of short reflections – prompts to get skin in the game – on building a meaningful life and doing work that matters. Combined with a selection of ancient practices, such as meditation, Pierre’s thoughts and ideas aim to inspire each reader to take charge, to try, to act, to learn and to do.

‘In a time where everyone seems to sound exactly the same, Pierre manages to sound completely different. He’s the Ernest Hemingway to their Dan Brown, the Pink Floyd to their Nickelback.’ – Richard Mulholland, Author of Legacide and Boredom Slayer.

‘Pierre is the Seneca that the 21st century needs.’ – Bronwyn Williams, Futurist, Economist, Trend Analyst

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