Building Psychologically Safe Spaces by Ngao Motsei

Workplace bullying is an increasingly pervasive issue and is a challenge that should be addressed holistically, comprehensively and with a targeted approach.

Every one of us in the workplace is affected by bullying, and we – company leaders, HR directors, bystanders, targets and bullies themselves – have a role to play in building psychologically safe work spaces.

In Building Psychologically Safe Spaces, Ngao Motsei teaches us how to make sense of workplace bullying. She starts by removing the confusion around what, precisely, constitutes bullying in the workplace – a behaviour that is often difficult to define – before explaining the steps that can be taken to bullyproof your organisation: actions are outlined that are required of leaders, bystanders, targets and bullies. She includes first-hand accounts from both leaders (previously accused of abrasive bullying behaviour) and targets to shed light on how this phenomenon affects all involved.

Ngao’s in-depth work on the subject, along with her personal experiences, has shown her that just as a bully can be reformed, so a target can find healing. This book is a guide to help all parties do just that.


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