The Obvious Choice by Mike Teke

The world is driven by ambition, dreams, expectations, wishes and desires. We all believe we are the obvious choice to be selected, noted, identified, appointed or anointed. We may think and believe we are the obvious choice in many areas of our lives, but the reality is that this is not the case.

When your boss informs you that you are not getting that role you assumed was in the bag (and you’d already informed your family and friends that it was yours – and had even bought the attire to go with it), you ask: what happened? What happened when you were bypassed for the lead role in a project? You believed in your potential and you believed that everyone in your organisation and circle saw you as the main person, the leader or the ‘go-to person’, and yet you were bypassed and someone else in your team was selected. You were the obvious choice, weren’t you?

Think of the assignment you prepared, the one you believed was the perfect presentation and would earn you a distinction, and then you flunked it. Where did you go wrong?

Mike Teke’s book is about showing you that you can be the obvious choice, in business or in life, but that being the obvious choice does not simply fall from any tree. Without focus, diligence and a strong work ethic you are unlikely to succeed, no matter how much you think you’re entitled to. The Obvious Choice debunks myths and prevailing negative mindsets. And, most usefully, it provides guidelines and lessons to prepare you for the journey to leadership greatness, to become the obvious choice in whatever setting or endeavour the universe presents

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